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Bitumen Roofing - Preferred choice

When you own a property with a flat roof, you require a roofing solution that offers exceptional protection against various types of damage commonly encountered by low-slope roofs. Flat roofing must endure standing water without the aid of slopes to facilitate rain and snow runoff, as well as endure heavy foot traffic from maintenance activities. For decades, modified bitumen commercial roofing has remained a preferred choice for both roofers and property owners.

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APP, SBS, SEBS - Additive Bitumen

As the name suggests, this roofing solution primarily consists of bitumen (asphalt) that is modified with additives such as APP, SBS, and SEBS. The choice of modifier depends largely on the anticipated conditions the roof will face, as each modifier has its own advantages and disadvantages. While manufacturers modify the bitumen, your roofing contractor at All Weather Roofing System will assist you in selecting the modified bitumen best suited for your property.

One of the primary reasons for choosing modified bitumen commercial roofing is its outstanding durability. It provides excellent protection against diverse weather conditions, making it suitable for regions with seasonal weather patterns. Additionally, its polymer modifications make it resilient to both hot and cold temperatures.

Apart from weatherproofing qualities, modified bitumen is also capable of withstanding foot traffic, which is crucial for maintenance activities. It protects against wear, tears, and punctures that may occur during roof work.

Due to its strength, modified bitumen roofs are long-lasting, often enduring for up to 20 years despite the traffic and abuse they endure.

Moreover, modified bitumen is an affordable flat roofing solution due to its ease of installation. The quicker the installation by a qualified roofer, the lower the long-term costs for the property owner. However, it’s essential to ensure proper installation by hiring qualified professionals, as cutting corners can lead to leaks and premature roof failure.

If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of modified bitumen commercial roofing for your property, contact the flat roofing experts at All Weather Roofing System. We’ll assess your property’s needs and provide a free estimate

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