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Cedar Shake - A Handmade Apperance

Cedar shake roofing offers a fantastic way to infuse your home with a traditional aesthetic, evoking an “old world” charm that many homeowners adore.

Known for its unique irregular shape and texture, cedar shake roofing imparts a distinct character to every home, imparting a “handmade” appearance that sets it apart from the uniformity of modern roofing styles. For those who desire a vintage look without sacrificing the symmetry of contemporary roofing, All Weather Roofing System recommends “shake perfect,” a type of shake cut into uniform and standardized shingles, offering a harmonious blend of both worlds.

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Cedar Shake Roofing - Types

Despite being called cedar shake, this roofing material is available in various premium woods such as pine, cypress, redwood, and western red cedar. Among All Weather Roofing System’s customers, cedar remains a favorite due to its light and appealing appearance that complements a variety of home styles. Cedar possesses natural durability, providing inherent protection against water, reducing the likelihood of rot or mold compared to other woods.


However, as cedar shake roofing is still wood-based, it requires regular maintenance to prevent issues such as rot or mold, which may deter some homeowners seeking a more low-maintenance roofing solution. With proper installation and care, cedar shake can last around 20 to 30 years, similar to average shingles. However, improper installation or the use of subpar materials can lead to significant problems, underscoring the importance of selecting a qualified roofer.

Due to its wood composition, most cedar shake products lack fire safety ratings, posing a flammability risk. While some manufacturers apply fire retardants to the shakes, these coatings may wear off over time. Alternatively, pressure-treated cedar shake, infused with fire retardants during production, offers more effective fire protection and may meet national safety standards.

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