Discovering the Beauty of Citygarden Sculpture Park

Citygarden is an enchanting and captivating sculpture park in downtown St. Louis’s heart. Spanning two city blocks, Citygarden is home to over two dozen of the world’s most fascinating sculptures, all of which grace the park’s lush greenery.

Citygarden is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of work or play. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, recharge, contemplate, or learn, Citygarden has it. As you wander the meandering paths, you’ll encounter various sculptures scattered throughout the park. Each piece contributes to Citygarden’s unique charm and allure, from modern marvels to whimsical works of art. Art and nature combine to create an inspiring, rejuvenating environment. This urban haven invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of Citygarden, all free of charge.

In addition to the park’s natural and artistic attractions, Citygarden hosts various events and festivals throughout the year. Live music performances, giveaways, and even flamingo appearances are just the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye on Citygarden’s and Gateway Foundation’s Instagram feeds for opportunities to win unique prizes made by local artists inspired by the park’s beauty.

As you enter the garden at the entrance, you’ll be met by a 34-foot-diameter tilting granite disk fountain, where water gently flows from beneath the striking statue of the St. Louis River. This fountain acts as both a welcome and a refreshing amenity.

The split basin fountain stretches 190 feet in the park and features a beautiful waterfall cascading from the top to the bottom. Made of native limestone, this waterfall pays tribute to the natural history of St. Louis and the surrounding rivers.

The spray plaza fountain is in the middle tier of Citygarden and offers a delightful and interactive adventure for kids of all ages. It features 102 vertical jets that project water up to 8 feet in height. The 18-foot diameter pool surrounding the fountain is a calming contrast to the vibrant jets and is home to a contemplative statue of the river called Voyage. All three fountains contribute to the park’s aesthetic appeal and create dynamic spaces for kids to play and enjoy.

The park’s operating hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day, which aligns with the regular hours of parks in St. Louis County. Whether you are seeking a tranquil retreat, a playground, or a creative outlet, Citygarden is the perfect place to discover, engage, and reconnect with art and nature in one unforgettable setting. Admission to Citygarden is free, meaning it’s open to anyone who wants to experience its wonders for themselves.

Citygarden has created a set of safety guidelines for visitors. These guidelines are intended to promote a safe environment while preserving the park’s artistic and natural charm.

As parents, you are responsible for looking out for the children under your care. It is essential to be aware of the dangers of the water features and the sculptures in the sculpture park. It is also important for adults to be respectful of the park and their fellow visitors. Visitors are advised not to skateboard, bike, or climb on the falls or limestone walls as these activities can endanger visitors and the park infrastructure. In order to avoid potential hazards and maintain cleanliness, barbecue grills, picnic furniture, and glass containers are also prohibited in the park.

For families with kids, play areas such as the Lower Basin or Boat Basin are available during certain times of the year under the watchful eye of Park Monitors. For the safety and hygiene of all visitors, we kindly ask that children who are not yet potty-trained wear swim diapers while playing in these areas. To maintain a clean environment, dog owners are encouraged to retain their dogs on a leash and clean up after their pets. By following these guidelines and being careful, visitors can help create a safe and fun experience for everyone at Citygarden Sculpture Park.

Citygarden is a must-see sculpture park located in downtown St. Louis. It’s a tranquil oasis in the city’s hustle and bustle. The park is undergoing renovations, but it’s still open for visitors to enjoy its serene atmosphere and stunning beauty.

When you enter Citygarden, you’ll be welcomed by a stunning three-acre landscape filled with flowers, trees, and beautiful water features. The park’s carefully selected collection of sculptures is strategically placed throughout. Watch for the adorable rabbit sculptures and listen to the calming jazz music as you stroll along the pathways.

Citygarden symbolizes St. Louis’ commitment to public art and civic engagement. With more than 20 sculptures thoughtfully incorporated into the park, residents and visitors of all ages enjoy a free, vibrant, and enriching experience. Whether looking for a tranquil retreat for contemplation or a beautiful backdrop for a leisurely walk, Citygarden provides a welcoming environment for everyone.

Located just west of the beloved Arch and Courthouse and easily accessible to locals and tourists alike, Citygarden’s transformation from an empty green space to a vibrant urban park has become a cherished destination for residents and visitors looking for a combination of beauty, entertainment, and cultural enrichment.

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